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Week 27 – Skerries 100 2012

This is a little bit of a departure from my NORMAL type of shots that you see here on my photo blog. However, I used to do quite a lot of Road Racing Photography a view years back. Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be taking photos for the Loughshinny Motorcycle Club who run the famous Skerries 100 road race in North Co. Dublin. This shot was taken just as the riders exited part of the circuit known as “Shady Lane”. Its a very fast part of the circuit so the bikes are usually at full speed and normally you can capture some front wheel lifts with the more powerful machines.

Pictured here are Michael Dunlop #3 and a local rider Derek Shiels #82.

Saturday was an amazingly warm and sunny day after the downpour of rain on Friday. It was really difficult to control the highlights in this shot as the midday sun was blazing down and reflecting off the bikes. I normally like to use wide open apertures and slow enough shutter speeds to capture some of the motion in the wheels of the bikes so the really bright conditions didn’t help much.

Shot details :- ISO 100, 400mm, 0 ev, f/5.6, 1/400

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