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Leica Mini

Leica Mini, pictured here in all its glory. Well sort of…

Leica have released a “Mini” before. According to some people, it was so popular that Leica stopped its production because it was cannibalising M sales. I think the CL is a great camera for people interested in shooting a classic rangefinder camera without forking out thousands on an M body. I picked my pristine CL body up for 200 Euro and I love shooting with it. Its pictured here with the 50mm Summilux which is a large enough lens. But if you stick a smallish 35mm lens on it you’ve got a really nice street camera.

It looks as though Leica’s new “Mini” will have a fixed zoom lens which I think is a pity. I’d love to see Leica release a digital version of the CL at an affordable price. Think I’ll have to keep dreaming about that one….:-)

Shot details :- ISO 640, f/8, 1/30, 0 ev, Fuji X100s

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